Our French hotels

395 hotels

We offer a wide variety of hotels located in strategic places in every region of France.

We monitor and display our guests’ feedback without any manual input or human manipulation

Health risk management certification

Sustainability certification

“We always wanted to manage a hotel as a couple and when we saw that B&B HOTELS was going to build a hotel in Valenciennes, our hometown, we submitted our application. We started as receptionists, so we know our way around a hotel. When we opened our own we decided to create a small structure that really feels like a family and inspires everyone to rise through the ranks as we did.”

Lucie and Samir Ghanedoumy,
Managing Directors of SARL LSG
B&B HOTELS Valenciennes, Lille Seclin, Douai

Our initiatives in France

Made-in-France pillows and mattresses


We provide high-quality and made-in-France Bultex mattresses and Drouault pillows.

Local breakfast


We rely on local providers for our breakfasts: Cafés Coïc, Beurre LeGall, Yaourts Malo.

Supporting local NGOs


We partnered with “Défi Voile Solidaires en peloton” supported by ARSEP, an association promoting research and awareness of multiple sclerosis.