We are the first sustainability-certified hotel chain

Budapest City

Why we set up
a specific certification

We have always been deeply concerned by our societal and environmental impact, meaning taking our responsibilities as a company by acting sustainably. To provide credibility and transparency to our CSR commitments, we requested SOCOTEC, an independent certification body, to set up the very first certification referential, specifically adapted to the challenges of the hospitality sector.

This sustainability certification is available to all hospitality actors and will become a new standard for the sector as a guarantee of genuine CSR engagement.

What we achieved

In 2022, B&B HOTELS’ headquarters and 87 hotels in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain were audited by SOCOTEC. 125 items were assessed ranging from strategy to actions implemented to conserve biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes – via local employment, staff engagement, and the presentation of local culture and heritage.

A dedicated task force at B&B HOTELS audited existing CSR initiatives, analysed the gap between the current status and the CSR certification requirements, surveyed 70,000 people among stakeholders (clients, mandate managers, landlords, suppliers, employees) in 4 countries, and assessed our carbon footprint among other tasks.

After more than 120 days of audits, B&B HOTELS France, Italy, Spain, and Germany were awarded at the end of 2022, with the three-year certification of their Sustainability Management Systems.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and based on a GSTC-Recognized standard.

This project won the Best Team Achievement prize at the 2022 Hospitality Awards.

What’s next


Ongoing periodic reviews (surveillance audits) will be conducted each year in roughly 150 hotels randomly selected.


The Sustainability Management System certification will be extended to all new hotel openings (around 100 per year), and progress will be assessed and communicated transparently.