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We believe that continuous learning and growth are a welcome part of the job

HR team

Why we created our dedicated platform

Our B&B HOTELS for U platform is about creating the conditions to encourage continuous learning. We aim to help our teams achieve agile and innovative personal growth while establishing B&B HOTELS as an attractive place to work.

One of the things we love about hospitality is how it brings people from different backgrounds together. To ensure that our platform meets the needs of our diverse team, we have selected specific training paths, including compliance, language acquisition, cybersecurity, and social responsibility. These pathways undergo regular updates to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

Already part of the team? Join us on the B&B HOTELS FOR U platform now

What training paths do we offer

    • Language Skills

– EF English Live: dedicated courses that elevate English-level proficiency through guided digital training. EF English certifications are aligned with the internationally recognized standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
– E-learning modules: French, English, Deutsch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polish.

    • Soft Skills

Priority and time management, Team leadership, Delegation and empowerment, Leading change, Manage interpersonal relations for positive outcomes, International and cultural awareness, Happiness at work and employee engagement

    • Cybersecurity and compliance

Creating an inclusive environment, Safety and environment in the workplace, Data protection and privacy, Protecting your work computer, Recognizing and avoiding bribery, What is conflict of interest

What’s next


new compliance topics available on B&B HOTELS FOR U


talent development function at Group level