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What we
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  • We foster an environment where everyone is treated with respect and has equal access to career opportunities so that each individual can develop in their own way and make their unique contribution to our success.
  • We want our people to feel valued at work, and that means respecting, understanding, and inspiring each other. It also means fulfilling potential and encouraging career advancement. We try to help everyone reach their goals.
  • As a company and as a group of people, our culture is to look after each other. This includes practical considerations such as flagging hazards and accident prevention, but also identifying inconsiderate and harmful behaviours. It is our responsibility to make sure everyone across our organisation, at every level, feels safe in their workplace.
Our culture

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What we offer

Talent management


Talent management is embedded in our culture. We created our very own way of approaching, recognising and developing talent, to adapt to new challenges and support B&B HOTELS’ strategy and ambition. Human Resources Directors and Managers across our organization work together with a shared vision of talent management.

Our talent philosophy:

  • Having great talent is strategic for B&B HOTELS’ sustainable growth.
  • What is meant by talent @B&B HOTELS has been defined and is unique for our company.
  • It is our collective responsibility to ensure that talents have the right opportunities to develop themselves within the company.
  • All talents may not thrive for the same kind of career path.
  • To define the right path for someone, it is essential to assess 3 key ingredients every year: performance, potential, and readiness.

B&BYOUniversity & Leadership Programme


We created a 12-month development programme for managers featuring a HOGAN assessment, leadership coaching, a task force for a project defined by the Co-group, and a one-week training programme at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools.

Candidates can apply to 6 INSEAD training paths at the Fontainebleau campus:

  • Finance for Executives
  • AVIRA: Awareness, Vision, Imagination, Role, Action
  • Leading for Results
  • Advanced International Corporate Finance
  • M&A and Corporate Strategy
  • Leading Across Borders and Cultures

Language immersive training


We propose immersive language courses. The concept is to bring together B&B HOTELS employees from different countries so they can attend a two-week intensive English course at the EF International Language Center in Cambridge. The training ends with a one-week immersive business visit where students can apply what they have learned.

E-learning courses


Our B&B HOTELS for U e-learning platform has been created to encourage continuous learning and help our teams achieve agile and innovative personal growth. Learn more 

Mentoring programme


We give our teams the opportunity to be a mentor or receive mentorship from a senior leader. Our mentors are experienced and trusted professionals that act as confidential colleagues and guides. At B&B HOTELS mentoring is a relationship in which one person can feel encouraged to discuss needs and circumstances openly and in confidence with another person.

Benefits for the mentee:

  • Increase self-awareness, self-confidence & maturity
  • Receive guidance from an experienced person in dealing with issues and opportunities
  • Objective & constructive feedback as well as a sounding board to test new ideas or find solutions to challenges
  • Gain exposure to organizational values, relationships, networks and the business

Personal branding and impact training


We offer a training programme with two key competencies: public speaking and creating/nurturing a personal brand. This one-day complete and intense programme is based on concrete examples, practice and interaction. It features a modern method, easy to assimilate and applicable to real-life situations. It includes videos, quizzes, live coaching, and interactive exercises.

Intercultural training


We propose a one-day course at CERAN Paris that raises participants’ awareness regarding the central role and expression of culture in attitudes, behaviours and communication preferences in an international working environment between two or more cultures.


  • Develop high awareness of participants’ own cultural backgrounds and the backgrounds of their colleagues across borders
  • Develop strategies and practical tools to facilitate more efficient multicultural communication and work practices for the daily working environment
  • Develop individual cross-cultural skills and multicultural perspectives and mindfulness

HOGAN assessment


We conduct HOGAN assessments to develop our team’s potential through better understanding of their underlying work style traits, core values, and derailment risks that may impact behaviour. We also use this method to recruit the best talents in the market.

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