We are better together

HQ Marketing Team



We care
for people

At B&B HOTELS, we love meeting new people and giving all our warmest welcome, with humanity and kindness, as one humankind.

We like getting to know all of our people – and by our people, we mean employees, customers, and partners. We invest in lasting relationships and give each our utmost attention. We know we are nothing without all of our people. Being acutely aware of their contributions to our business’ success we continuously show our sincere appreciation.



We take

At B&B HOTELS, we are deeply aware of our responsibility towards our employees, our customers, our partners, and our planet.

That’s why what we promise, we deliver:

  • Always providing the best value and quality to our customers,
  • Fostering a positive work environment in which our people can flourish, and
  • Moving our ESG/CSR initiatives forward and implementing price-conscious travel solutions.

Smart Simplicity


We make it

At B&B HOTELS, we aim to make life as pleasant, easy, and flexible as possible for everyone. Because that’s how we think life should be lived.

That’s why we’re constantly creating solutions that are simple, smart, and tailored to meet individual needs. This means we’re always able to offer our customers a hospitality experience packed with great value at affordable rates while simplifying our co-workers’ day-to-day.



We grow together

At B&B HOTELS, we are entrepreneurs and passionate doers, we constantly work to grow and improve.

Passion drives our efforts to exceed customer expectations in everything we do, and we are always committed to high standards. For us, challenges are opportunities we take on wholeheartedly, blazing trails with innovative solutions to satisfy new market needs. And because we love to co-create, we move forward hand in hand with all our people, co-workers, customers, and partners, to shape the future of hospitality – together.



We celebrate diversity

At B&B HOTELS, we embrace our differences because they’re what make us strong, enriching us both individually and as a group.

That’s why we welcome everyone as they are. Because we believe it is the best way to build a highly creative culture needed to answer to the fast-paced changes in our world and markets.