Our Spanish hotels

46 hotels

We offer a wide variety of hotels located in strategic places, near the train station, the airport, a few steps from the beach or the city centre, and close to the most important monuments.

We monitor and display our guests’ feedback without any manual input or human manipulation

Health risk management certification and Sustainability certification

B&B HOTELS Spain is a B Corp company

“My professional career began at B&B HOTELS as an intern receptionist, and in a short time, I had the opportunity to grow, little by little, gaining experience and learning from the best professionals. I am currently, through my own company, the Mandate Manager of the B&B HOTEL Barcelona Mataró, fulfilling a dream that I would have seen as unattainable before. My main goal is to lead and continue training my team, reflecting through my own experience that every effort has its reward.”

Ana Martin
B&B HOTEL Barcelona Mataró

Our initiatives in Spain

Fighting food waste


At B&B HOTELS Spain we are committed to fighting food waste. That is why together with our partner Too Good to Go, we give a second life to the food that has not been consumed during the day in our breakfast buffet and we make it available to new customers through the Too Good to Go app. In this way, we are cooperating to reduce the amount of food that ends up being wasted and therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

Recycling cell phones


We started an alliance with Oxfam in 2021. Our unused cell phones are donated to a company that refurbishes and recycles them. Their value is then donated to Oxfam. This organization supports humanitarian causes, social and economic transformation, seeking to combat poverty and injustice in the world.

Transitioning to LED lighting


Our hotels are in the process of changing all traditional lights and replacing them with LED bulbs to be more energy-efficient.