Empower everyone


women in management positions (07.2023).


hours of training were provided to employees in 2022 through the B&B HOTELS for U e-learning platform.

Inclusion, respect, and diversity have been at the heart of B&B HOTELS’ welcoming culture from the beginning. It applies equally to our staff teams, hotel partners and guests.

We firmly believe that we are stronger together; that diversity is a unique and necessary source of creativity, and that everyone’s contribution counts. We have made it our goal to help our staff teams, hotel partners and guests on their journey, and to create the best conditions for each individual to thrive.

How we do it

Gender equality


We have been actively monitoring and promoting gender balance across the company, including in management positions since 2020. For example, we significantly improved women’s representation at Executive Committee level, from 40% in 2022 to 55% at the end of 2023.

Inclusion & Diversity


We foster inclusion and diversity in the workplace so that each and every person in our community feels welcome. In 2023, we will start training teams and management on Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) via e-learning modules.



We are committed to making the workplace and in-hotel stays easier for people with disabilities. We comply with local accessibility legislation and partner with local experts from each country we operate.

Training & development programmes


We launched a self-development programme with individual skills development training, in 2021. We also created the B&B HOTELS for U e-learning platform to allow our teams to learn about management techniques, sustainability, cybersecurity, compliance, and to practice their language skills.

Employee satisfaction


We started monitoring our progress in 2023 by conducting a global employee satisfaction survey that will be repeated every year to get the most reliable and valuable feedback from employees.



We look out for each other. This includes accidents and hazards, but also inconsiderate and harmful behaviours. We also set up in 2021, a whistleblowing platform (website and phone line) deployed in all countries for our employees, hotel staff, and suppliers.