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B&B HOTELS Italy offers the best accommodation solutions, thanks to its network of hotels, located in strategic positions, close to famous attractions, public transport stops, the main airports or the city centre. From the Alps to Sicily, B&B HOTELS are listed among the best hotels in Italy.

We monitor and display our guests’ feedback without any manual input or human manipulation

Sustainability certification

ISO 9001:2015 commitment to providing high quality and safety standards in external processes aimed at all stakeholders and internal ones

“We always wanted to manage a hotel as a couple and when we saw that B&B HOTELS was in Pescara, our hometown, we submitted our application. So in 2018 our experience began and we joined the B&B HOTELS family as Directors of B&B HOTEL Pescara. Our passion is the key to welcoming guests and making them feel at home.”

Pietro Sterlacci and Marianna Lamanuzzi
B&B HOTEL Pescara

Our initiatives in Italy

Healthy & organic breakfast


We provide high-quality and organic breakfast products for everyone. We take gluten allergies and every other food allergy into account to offer a breakfast more inclusive than ever.

ENEGAN - green energy supplier


Our energy supplier ENEGAN guarantees green energy 100% from renewable sources so that we can lower our carbon footprint.

Luoghi Parlanti - bonding with local environments


Thanks to our partnership with “Luoghi Parlanti” we encourage travellers to strengthen their bond with local environments by discovering the territory’s heritage, natural landscapes, cultural know-how, traditional knowledge and expressions.