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We offer a wide variety of hotels located in strategic places in every region of Germany.

We monitor and display our guests’ feedback without any manual input or human manipulation

Hygiene and Infection Protection Management in the Hotel and Catering Industry

Sustainability certification

“We have been managers at B&B HOTELS for several years now. We appreciated the independent, yet unchanged partnership-like cooperation with B&B HOTELS from the very beginning. We love the varied work at the hotel, as the days always vary, with new challenges and exciting encounters”

Julia and Christian Bönning
B&B HOTELS Göttingen-City, Hannover-City & Hamburg City-Ost

Our initiatives in Germany

eCharger stations


To promote environmentally friendly travel options, our hotel parking spaces are currently being equipped with eCharger stations. We are currently working on converting all parking spaces by the end of 2023. Depending on the location, there may be room for up to ten charging stations.

Green Breakfast


B&B HOTELS Germany also takes an ecological approach to breakfast. For example, the Green Breakfast pays special attention to the avoidance of unnecessary packaging and waste, as well as to a wide selection of organic and sustainable products.

Green Button


Through the so-called Green Button Service, our customers can do without their room cleaning, and in return we donate 1€ per cleaning saved. With this campaign, we were not only able to collect €7,200 for the donation last year, but also save on cleaning products for 7,200 overnight stays.