Our Brazilian hotels

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B&B HOTELS Brazil currently has units in São Paulo, São José dos Campos, Rio de Janeiro and Uberlândia.

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“As soon as I received the offer for B&B HOTEL Uberlândia, I was very excited to return to my state. After so many years on the “road”, returning to my home made my heart warmer. Managing the hotel and showing its relevance for this city has always been a special mission for me. Seeing this dream come true makes me very proud. And also, as a sports enthusiast, having the opportunity to position our hotel as a reference for events and competitions allows me to combine the two passions I have in life.”

Sylvia França
B&B HOTEL Uberlândia

Our initiatives in Brazil

Partnership with Laguens Racefit


Sponsorship of the Laguens Race Fit Team.

Local breakfast


We offer a wide variety of local products, fresh fruits (healthy corner) and special recipes on our breakfasts, such as Pão de Queijo, Broa de Milho. Besides that, guests can also taste some of our employees’ family recipes.

Supporting local NGOs


ALDEIAS INFANTIS (SOS Children’s Villages) is a global organisation with a local presence, which acts in Caring and Protecting children, adolescents, young people and their families. In order to support them, B&B HOTELS Brazil donates, monthly, the costs saved when guests re-use towels instead of having them replaced during their stay.