Our Belgian hotels

9 hotels

We offer a wide variety of hotels located in strategic places in Belgium.

We monitor and display our guests’ feedback without any manual input or human manipulation

Health risk management certification

“Working for B&B HOTELS was the challenge I was looking for. As a manager of 3 hotels, my days are very varied. In a hotel, things usually never go exactly according to plan. It’s great to be part of a multicultural and professional team. The compliments and positive reviews from satisfied customers are what give me the most satisfaction. It motivates me every day to go to work with a smile and to be an example for my colleagues.”

Roxana Barbierita,
B&B HOTELS Mechelen, Antwerpen Centrum, Antwerpen Zuid

Our initiatives in Belgium

I support Green - Save the planet


If guests hang the “I’m helping to save the planet” sign on their room door we reward them with a €5 voucher to spend in our bar or shop.

Local breakfast


We rely on local providers for our breakfasts.

Fighting food waste


We partnered with Too Good to Go to avoid food waste after breakfasts.