the first hotel chain certified on sustainability,
with a certification adapted to the hospitality industry


of consumers believe that brands must act now for the good of society and of the planet*.


of consumers* say they filter their choice of hotels according to the presence or absence of certification, no referentials existed for the hospitality industry yet.

An unprecedented
sustainable approach
in the hospitality industry

B&B HOTELS has always been deeply concerned by its societal and environmental impact, meaning taking its responsibilities as a company by acting sustainably. To meet consumers expectations and provide credibility and transparency to its CSR engagements, B&B HOTELS requested SOCOTEC, an independent certification body, to set up the very first certification referential, specifically adapted to the challenges of the hospitality sector.

This unprecedented certification is:

  • Based on a GSTC-Recognized standard.
  • Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2022, independent Sustainability Experts managed by SOCOTEC audited onsite B&B HOTELS headquarters and 87 hotels in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

No less than 125 items in 5 categories (Sustainable Management System, Governance, Social, Culture and Environment) were assessed: from the strategy to actions implemented to conserve biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes, via local employment, staff engagement and the presentation of local culture and heritage.

A collective achievement

A dedicated full-time task force at B&B HOTELS audited existing CSR initiatives, analyzed the gap between current status and CSR certification requirements (125 items), surveyed 70 000 people among stakeholders (clients, mandate managers, landlords, suppliers, employees) in 4 countries, and measured carbon footprint among other tasks.

After more than 120 days of audits, B&B HOTELS France, Italy, Spain and Germany are now certified on Sustainability Management System for 3 years.

What’s coming next?

This is a continuous process. Every year, surveillance audits will be performed in 100 random hotels and B&B HOTELS’ CSR strategy and action plans will be reviewed. All new opening hotels (around 100 per year) will be compliant with CSR certification requirements, and progress will be assessed and communicated transparently.

A new standard for the hospitality industry

This Sustainability certification is available to all actors of hospitality and will become a new standard for the sector as a guarantee of genuine CSR engagement.

With this pioneering approach, B&B HOTELS intends to become the referent hospitality brand on social integration, diversity and on low environmental impact.

* Sources: Havas Media Group Meaningful Brands report 2021 (surveying over 395000 people around the world), Bain & Company, 300 companies surveyed, Publicis Sapient. Leisure Travel Report 2021

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B&B HOTELS est l’un des plus importants groupes d’hôtels économiques en Europe. Fondé à Brest en 1990, le Groupe dispose d’un réseau de 700 hôtels à travers 15 pays, en Europe et au Brésil. B&B HOTELS a connu une croissance exponentielle en 2022 avec l’ouverture de 97 nouveaux hôtels, et entend poursuivre cette dynamique en 2023.

Positionné sur le segment value-for-money, B&B HOTELS s’est fixé pour mission d’offrir à ses clients confort et qualité au meilleur rapport qualité-prix. Empathie, intégrité, inclusion, simplicité et amélioration continue sont les valeurs fondatrices du Groupe.

B&B HOTELS est également activement engagé en matière de Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises. Pour répondre aux attentes des consommateurs et apporter crédibilité et transparence à ses actions visant à avoir un impact social et environnemental positif, B&B HOTELS est désormais certifié en durabilité par l’organisme indépendant SOCOTEC.

Fabrice Colle est le Président et CEO de B&B HOTELS depuis 2016. Depuis 2019, Goldman Sachs est le principal actionnaire de B&B HOTELS.

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