Continuously make progress together


hours of work both at group and country levels to analyse the gap between existing CSR initiatives and the 125 requirements to reach sustainability certification status


of our hotels in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain are sustainability-certified.

We strongly believe in the power of continuous improvement and collective intelligence to grow together. As we all face the same social and environmental challenges and the same need for positive change, we need to create synergies and call on all our stakeholders to help us improve our environmental impact, and to make progress in improving our methods, both externally and among ourselves.

How we do it



Ensuring good practices starts within our own organisation. In this connection, in 2022, we created an Ethics Committee to address all Corporate Social Responsibility issues and deploy B&B HOTELS’ sustainability strategy. We also set up regional CSR Committees to adapt our sustainability action plans and make them meaningful and customised to our different countries.

Labels & certifications


We rely on trusted labels and certifications. At Group level, we have taken this approach one step further by pioneering, together with SOCOTEC, a leading European certification player, a Sustainability certification specific to hospitality and validated by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). This will help us strengthen our processes and accelerate our sustainability journey. This initiative is also intended to help inspire our industry peers for more sustainable tourism.



Transparency is a key aspect of our sustainability strategy. We are therefore committed to publicly reporting each year on our progress to share our progress with a transparent and open-source mindset.



Progress is always a test & learn process. We need to share, but also listen to each other and adjust our approach. We created internal guidelines in 2022 to share best practices and inspire local actions according to our strategy. We have also launched a CSR survey among all our stakeholders, and we will continue to do this on an annual basis.

Acting together


At B&B HOTELS, “together” goes beyond our teams. Our goal is to build a CSR community beyond our own. We work with landlords to participate in energy-saving initiatives, support local charities, and make local CSR partnerships. On a more global level, we issued Partnership Guidelines in 2023, stating our three fields of action — inclusion, education, and disability.